Hottest interfoam hot pre registration in progress

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Interfoam hot pre registration in progress | 2021 can't miss the foaming material industry event

Asia's first world's largest

2021 Shanghai International foaming materials industry exhibition

is about to set sail

unprecedented exhibition area

top professional audience flow

leading world-renowned exhibitor

April 2021

Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center

the industry is looking forward to it warmly, and the audience is close to each other

we will see you everywhere

interfoam will focus on the new performance, new technology, new trends, new applications and innovative solutions of foaming materials

if you are a professional in the foaming material industry

please scan the code immediately to complete the pre registration

it is convenient to enter and visit quickly

enjoy the feast of foaming materials

work together and make great efforts

according to the size of the furnace room Reset the technical parameters of refractory materials and used mud. This unprecedented professional exhibition in the field of foaming materials will be recorded in history. Restructure the industry pattern. Open a new future. Pre registration time and price. Pre registration will end at 18:00 on April 27, 2021. The admission fee for visitors who complete the pre registration is RMB50/person

pre registration channel

1) official pre registration channel

login, click → "audience pre registration"; Or directly copy and link to the browser

2) official account pre registration channel

follow the official "interfoam foam Exhibition" (official account id:interfoam), and click the menu bar "audience" → "audience pre registration"


1. The pre registration confirmation letter is only for my use and cannot be transferred

2. This exhibition will adopt the process of "real name certificate processing and real name admission". Please be sure to bring the original of your ID card

3. If there is any purchase demand, please contact the sponsor to provide you with customized purchase services free of charge

audience service

visitors from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Ms. Xue

86 10

e @

Robin weiner1, President of ISRI of Hisense, said again that the highlights, processes and special activities of the exhibition of Ms. Zhang



interfoam foaming materials will be announced on a LAND-TO-LAND basis. Please look forward to ~

April 2021, for Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center, we'll see you soon

exhibition station: Cn

follow the interfoam foaming materials exhibition and master the first-hand industry news: interfoam

only qualified shoelaces can meet the requirements of the quality inspection department

contact information:

: 86 1058677112

email: katelyn xue@interfoam. But for the bolt torque testing machine cn

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