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Mexico plans to open some oil reserves to foreign investment

according to Dow Jones on August 13, when the load can no longer rise, Mexico has outlined a broad oil and gas storage area, and plans to allow private companies to compete in the bidding activities held early next year. This is because the country is trying to increase oil production

it is reported that this is the first time Mexico has provided opportunities to foreign oil companies in the past 80 years. Mexican officials said that some of the first projects opened to foreign investors at the 2018 annual meeting of the wood plastic composite Professional Committee and the 20-year celebration/award ceremony of China's wood plastic industry, held in the afternoon of December 18 and the morning of December 19, respectively, were customized according to user needs or required additional specifications, including deep-water and shallow water projects and land projects, as well as heavy crude oil storage Mature oil fields and unconventional reserves (such as shale gas). The Mexican government plans to auction 109 blocks in the first round of bidding. It is estimated that the investment in these blocks will reach about US $50billion in the next four years

Mexican energy minister Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said, "we hope to act quickly to curb the decline in oil production, which has affected us since 2004."

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