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Inspur Group installs an "operating system" for the manufacturing industry. At the recent China open source industry PAAS (platform as a service) technology and application Summit Forum, Wang Xingshan, chairman of China open source industry PAAS Association and CEO of Inspur Group, said that building an industrial interconnection platform in an open source mode is the focus of the next Inspur

if industrial interconnection is an important foundation for the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of industrial economy, and Zhejiang province accelerates the major technological breakthrough of new materials, then the industrial PAAS platform is the core of industrial interconnection and the operating system of the future manufacturing industry. Wang Xingshan believes that at present, the cloud and industrial interconnection of enterprises have become an upsurge. Using the open source software model to integrate resources, build an open source, shared and collaborative social innovation ecological environment, and support the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is not only the need for the development of industrial interconnection, but also the direction of China's open source software development

at present, Inspur cloud ERP application market has been officially put into operation. As an important part of cloud software and industrial app, cloud ERP is the core of enterprise management informatization. 6. It has perfect limit protection function and overload, overcurrent protection, experimental fracture automatic shutdown and other functions. Aiming at the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation of large, medium, small and micro enterprises, which are poised to take off, Inspur has launched a series of cloud products, such as large-scale enterprise cloud service platform GS cloud, small and medium-sized enterprise cloud service platform PS cloud, small and micro enterprise cloud service platform Yi cloud, financial sharing cloud, big data analysis cloud, intelligent manufacturing cloud, e-procurement cloud, treasurer and capital cloud, human cloud and so on

to promote the development of industrial interconnection, we need to establish a sustainable open source ecosystem and business model, and we look forward to the joint participation of development enthusiasts, learners and business organizations in the whole society. Any aspect of development may have an impact on the success or failure of the experiment and the experience of the experiment itself. Industrial interconnection is not a one-man show of one or two enterprises, and it is not possible to rely solely on oneortwo technological breakthroughs. Open source business model can provide enterprises with an open market for applications, so we should pay special attention to the construction of open source ecosystem to make it an interactive, dependent and developing whole. Wang Xingshan said

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