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Information technology: the scale of China's AI related industries may reach 1trillion yuan in 2020

if the grass-roots strength is insufficient or the grass-roots surface humidity is too high, Chuancai's view

[electronics] recently, the senior management recently revealed at the 2018 global mobile broadband conference that it has won 22 5g commercial contracts worldwide; At present, more than 150 operators around the world have launched 5g tests, and as many as 50 have cooperated with Huawei; Huawei has shipped 10000 5g base stations to Europe, the Middle East and other markets on a large scale. After breakthroughs in spectrum and site resource support in the next two years, 5g is expected to quickly enter the stage of large-scale commercial use, driving the sustainable development of relevant electronic components - first, 5g new communication base stations; The second is the PCB board used in 5g mobile terminal

industry dynamics 1. Recently, Huawei announced the list of all core suppliers for the first time. It is worth noting that the number of manufacturers is the largest, with 33 U.S. manufacturers, and Qualcomm. A total of 92 Huawei core suppliers are listed. In addition to the largest number of American suppliers, the second largest supplier is Chinese Mainland, with 22 suppliers. Among the suppliers we are familiar with, Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers have been listed, including Tianma, Foxconn, TSMC, Microsoft, Oracle and Texas Instruments

(globegroup) 2. Recently, the Management Committee of Tianjin Binhai high tech Industrial Development Zone signed an investment agreement with Ziguang Group Co., Ltd. in Tianjin to significantly improve the ability of intellectual property creation and application. Two industrialization projects, a semiconductor material manufacturing plant with a total investment of 10 billion yuan and Ziguang cloud Valley Industrial Park, have officially settled in the high tech Zone. (Tianjin) 3. The fourth "smart Pujiang" (,) + artificial intelligence industry forum was held yesterday. At the meeting, Li Shengkai, vice president of Shanghai Lingang International Ai Industry Research Institute, made an interpretation of the "2018 AI industry pattern and innovation practice". It can be seen from the report that the global AI industry is developing rapidly, with both opportunities and challenges; By 2020, China's artificial intelligence will increase the iron content in molten aluminum, and the scale of core industries will exceed 150billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 1trillion yuan. By 2025, the scale of AI core industry will exceed 400billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 5trillion yuan. By 2030, the industrial scale will exceed 1trillion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 10trillion yuan. (Xinmin Evening News)

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