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Ink color inspection method

1. Principle

compare the sample with the standard sample by parallel scraping, and check whether the color of the sample conforms to the standard sample

2. Tools and materials

(1) inking knife wood handle conical steel body, 200mm long, 20mm at the widest and 8mm at the narrowest

(2) the blade is made of stainless steel, 92mm 59mm 0.5mm, and the blade is 9mm wide and bent outward by 25

(3) glass plate 200mm 200mm 5mm

(4) the paper for scraping and plotting (in accordance with ZB y32002) has a specification of 110mm 65mm, and there is a 5mm wide black solid bottom transverse at mm below the top

(5) cellophane 65mm 30mm

3. Test conditions

(1) the test should be carried out at the temperature of (251) ℃ and the relative humidity of 65% 5%

(2) the inspection of face color and color light should be carried out under a standard illuminant with an incidence angle of 45.5

(3) when checking the background color, the scraped sample should be perspective

4. Test steps

(1) use an inking knife to take about 5g of standard sample and sample respectively, place them on the glass plate, and mix them evenly respectively

(2) use an inking knife to sample about 0.5g and apply it to the upper left of the scraping paper, and then take about 0.5g of the sample and apply it to the upper right of the scraping paper. The two should be adjacent and not connected

(3) place the scraper over the coated ink sample so that the main part of the scraper is 90 ° to the scraping paper. Scrape the ink into a thin layer from top to bottom on the scraping paper, and reduce the force when it reaches 15mm below the black cross passage. Make the angle of the inner side of the blade approximately 25, so that the ink is coated into a thick ink layer on the paper. The final scraping shape should be similar to the figure

(4) the thin layer of ink on the scraping paper is called complexion; The ink aggressive layer at the lower part of the scraping paper is called ink; The light perspective of the thin layer of ink on the scraping paper is called the background color

(5) after the ink color inspection, cover the cellophane on the thick ink layer

5. Inspection results

(1) lithographic ink and relief ink focus on checking whether the face color and background color of the sample are similar and consistent with the standard sample

(2) hole printing ink and gravure printing ink for paper. Check whether the color of the sample is the same as 1 The analysis and treatment of abnormal indication repeatability are similar and consistent with the standard sample

(3) inspection 3. Clip details 1. Generally, excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel should be taken. The results should be subject to the face color and background color observed within 5min after scraping. The ink color is for reference

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