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Seamless integration of Intelligent Automation - Advantech 2011 IAS exhibition came to a successful conclusion

from November 1 to 5, 2011, the industrial automation exhibition of the 2011 Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as IAS) was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Advantech, as a leading automation solution provider in the industry, this time demonstrated the full range of products, industry solutions and IOT applications of Advantech automation with the theme of promoting the development of intelligent automation

Advantech automation made a wonderful debut in the 2011 IAS

exhibition. The Advantech booth mainly displays products and industries, and each block is presented in a unique way. Rich industrial automation products, technologies and solutions are included. The booth as a whole still adopts blue and white tones, highlighting the rigorous and dedicated characteristics of Yanhua

intelligent automation, seamless integration theme wall is undoubtedly the biggest highlight and focus of the entire booth. From comprehensive perception to reliable transmission and then to intelligent processing in the cloud, it shows a variety of star products in a clear architecture, and at the same time, it gives a good interpretation to the audience of the development trend of intelligent automation in the printing prototype

the product exhibition area includes star products and industry certified products. The star product display wall shows the whole series of products of Advantech automation: Programmable Automation Controller PAC, embedded industrial computer uno, industrial level programmable human-machine interface webop, industrial communication ICOM, data acquisition module Adam, data acquisition control card and communication card, configuration software WebAccess. Such a comprehensive display is highly appreciated by the audience

industry certified products help promote industrial upgrading novodur HD m203fc G3 has been certified in the relevant provisions of ISO 10993. The exhibition area of industry certified products is also one of the highlights of this Advantech booth. It shows Class1 division2 explosion-proof certification, en50155 certification, IEC IEEE 1613 certification and batch control solutions, covering products from embedded industrial computer uno to human-machine interface HMI, from industrial switch EKI to data acquisition module Adam, etc

in the industry exhibition area, the four major industries of IOT, power and energy, factory automation and equipment automation are presented in large pictures. In front of each large exhibition board, everyone expressed their views, discussed and exchanged. Among them, the IOT themed display wall has attracted a lot of attention. The water monitoring, real-time monitoring of major hazard sources, building energy consumption measurement, factory equipment monitoring, perceptual mining, digital oil field, traffic disaster prevention monitoring and iPad IOT application experience exhibited by Advantech attracted many visitors. Yanhua ranks forward-looking in the practical application of IOT, and its achievements are obvious to all

in the new energy sector of electric power, Advantech uses its long-term experience to help the development of the green energy industry with strong certified products. This furniture is not solid, "mechanical test standard" has the final say. For the second IAS, Advantech exhibited its applications in wind power, solar photovoltaic industry, substation automation, smart meter system, electric vehicle charging station, and shared Advantech's achievements in the field of new energy with industry insiders. Factory automation FA mainly interprets smart factory from factory monitoring system, process equipment control system, etc. Equipment automation Ma takes the whole production line of the factory as the main axis, from raw material processing to production, testing, packaging, to the final delivery of finished products, to present the display theme of flexible computing integrated platform driving their performance and dynamic intelligent manufacturing, and to show the all-round soft motion control technology and Solutions of Advantech ma

in addition, Advantech ate also appeared at this exhibition. Advantech ate focuses on military test simulation, electronic production test, photovoltaic module test, automotive electronic test, electric energy test, home appliance PCB test and other industries. This time, ate brings the display of solar cell test system

Advantech booth received hot attention

star products of Advantech automation new product launch, gathered and appeared! At 3 p.m. on November 1, after the wonderful drum performance, the new product launch was held as scheduled. Caiqinan, general manager of Advantech industrial automation group in China, released new product information on site, including new embedded computer uno, programmable human machine interface HMI, industrial communication product ICOM, etc. Let visitors fully understand the development trend of many new products and technologies launched by Advantech automation

in order to let every visitor who comes to the booth of Advantech return with a full load, Advantech has set up a special session of IOT experience, watching videos, answering questions and Weibo interaction, which has received enthusiastic response from the audience on site. At the same time, this year, an on-site seminar was specially arranged. The senior product manager gave a detailed and vivid explanation on the scene and had a warm interaction and exchange with the audience

watch the video in the on-site interactive session to solve the problem

through this exhibition, Advantech will communicate and discuss with customer friends and industry partners, enhance understanding of customer needs, and deepen the cognition of new and old customers to Advantech. Thank you all for coming to the Advantech booth. I hope every visitor can have a satisfactory harvest

Advantech automation

Advantech automation was founded in 1983 and is the first business unit of Advantech technology. It is committed to combining the connectivity, flexibility and robustness of products with today's reliable PC based automation technology. The product line includes: open man-machine interface, industrial controller and automation software, embedded fanless industrial computer, industrial i/o card, distributed i/o module, plug-in i/o and industrial communication solutions. With more than 20 years of comprehensive product solutions for different industrial markets, Advantech automation has become a leading global supplier of automation products and services

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