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Maintenance worker Li Guojun's 24-year "paver love"

Maintenance Worker Li Guojun's 24-year "paver love"

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"old man, I've known you for 24 years. With you, I feel like I'm back to the age of a stupid boy!" This is Li Guojun's latest remark in his circle of friends, but the "old man" in his mouth is an iron pimple: the old "paver". This old-fashioned paver and he have worked together for 24 years and formed a deep relationship

Li Guojun is the head of bailongqiao central highway management station and the Secretary of the highway station, and has been engaged in highway maintenance for more than 30 years. He grew up in the front line and innovated in the front line. He has successively won the honors of "top ten technical experts", "reform practice", "Jinhua City's most beautiful transportation person", "Jinhua good man", "Zhejiang good man dedication Award" and so on

"these honors are half of it." Li Guojun said with emotion about this paver

In 1986, Li Guojun, who was only 18 years old at that time, came to the Dongjing road class in Yuandong Township, Jinhua County and became a maintenance worker. Like other peers, I began to clean the road day after day and year after year, repair the slope and dredge the culvert

eight years passed in a flash. In 1994, the construction of Bailong bridge overpass on national highway 330 began. In order to ensure the timely opening of the bridge, the unit purchased the first asphalt concrete paver. The paver is bought. Who will drive it? The 25-year-old Li Guojun proudly undertook the first work of the "2ltlz45" asphalt concrete paver

in the early stage of asphalt pavement construction, manual paving method is widely used. After the introduction of 2ltlz45 concrete asphalt paver, the construction efficiency was significantly improved and the highway quality was significantly improved. This comparison made Li Guojun marvel at the great role of mechanized maintenance and quickly made up his mind to "learn the best technology and be the best road maintainer"

since then, Li Guojun has plunged into the world of machinery, from skilled operation of the first paver to gradually being able to control large trucks, milling machines, forklifts, excavators and other large machinery, becoming a young but experienced "teacher" in maintenance workers

not only that, he also gave full play to his creative spirit and led the maintenance team to invent "green pruning machine", "guardrail cleaning machine", "shoulder scarifier" and refit equipment such as sprinkler, snow removal vehicle and asphalt joint filling vehicle

in the process of mechanization of Wucheng Road, pavers and Li Guojun witnessed the great changes of local roads, from no road to no road, from mud road to gravel road, from gravel road to asphalt road... Their orange light shines everywhere

there is one thing that Li Guojun remembers very deeply. One night in the winter of 1994, the Cao zhaidao team of Li Guojun assisted in the construction of Jinyun construction site. Due to the tight construction period, the construction unit needed to work overtime. This paver was overloaded, causing damage to the conveying system. This was the first time that the paver broke down, and Li Guojun was extremely distressed. Without saying a word, he began the obstacle inspection and maintenance work. When the maintenance was completed, it was already light. However, Li Guojun did not rest, but continued the paving work for the next day, ensuring that the project was carried out on schedule. After that, when similar emergencies occur, even if it is late and tired, the Li Guojun must insist on doing a good job in the maintenance of machinery on the same day

since then, from 1997 to 2000, for various reasons, this paver left Li Guojun for a short time. When he was transferred back to jiangshantou maintenance station (the predecessor of bailongqiao central highway management station) from Tangxi highway maintenance station, the mechanized construction was accelerated in the station, and Li Guojun's exquisite mechanical operation technology made this paver return to his side. "When I stand in front of this machine again, I feel like a friend who has been separated for a long time. There are thousands of words in my stomach that I want to talk." Li Guojun described the paver after a long separation and reunion

in 2002, this paver was seriously damaged due to parts, and the unit once wanted to scrap it. It was Li Guojun's persistence and professional maintenance technology that enabled it to retain the knowledge of purchasing tensile testing machine

now, at the age of 24, although it is a paver whose "life" has entered the old age, MoSi2 after Li Guojun is between 400 and 600 DEG; C will have the phenomenon of accelerated oxidation. Take care of and maintain it carefully. A special project team was established nearly a year ago. Over the years, in accelerating the construction of "two beautiful Wucheng", this old-fashioned paver has regained its vitality

"in the future, I will never abandon it until the day I leave my job." Li Guojun's words are not only the best footnote to this relationship, but also a vivid interpretation of the lifelong pledge to fight for the cause of highway maintenance

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