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Li Haihua: the four major challenges of accelerating the implementation of industrial interconnection still hinder

at present, major countries and regions continue to promote the development of industrial interconnection, and the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry has become the focus of countries to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. The continuous emergence of new models and formats for the development of industrial interconnection has stimulated the vitality of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. However, it should be noted that there will be many challenges in technology, application, industry and Commerce in the future. Therefore, efforts should be made from multiple perspectives to ensure the development of industrial interconnection. At the 2020 ICT in-depth observation report meeting of the China Academy of communications and communications held on December 26, Li Haihua, deputy director of the Institute of industry and IOT of the China Academy of communications and communications, said in this "speed reduction" environment

industrial interconnection accelerates fission and upgrading

the continuous emergence of new models and formats for the development of industrial interconnection has stimulated the vitality of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Industrial interconnection is an important component and way to realize the integrated development of regional economies, and it is also an important starting point for countries to seize the commanding height of competition. Li Haihua said that industrial interconnection is booming all over the world. Germany and Japan issued relevant strategies in 2019, and the EU signed a joint declaration on the transformation and development of industry 4.0

Li Haihua introduced that at the security level, focusing on industrial interconnection security certification and data security has become the focus of exploration in the industry. It is a very important trend to combine security with specific chips and devices to form endogenous security in work. Blockchain also has many actions in the field of industrial interconnection. Represented by the American organization for standardization, it released a report on the integration of blockchain and manufacturing industry in 2019, and the German government released the blockchain strategy. At the same time, the Japanese industrial alliance also introduced blockchain technology in the new architecture to promote the sharing of distributed data. IBM, Boeing, Siemens and other large enterprises are also establishing their own blockchain networks and platforms to explore the combination of blockchain and supply chain management, equipment management, data sharing, and the continuous upgrading of the global industrial interconnection industrial system. The original traditional industrial links, intelligent equipment, intelligent sensors and networks, emerging industrial software, and the combination with ICT, including edge computing and industrial interconnection, have become new hotspots

in Li Haihua's view, the industrial system of industrial interconnection is undergoing fission and upgrading, and the forms of ecological cooperation are more diverse and rich. From the development of the company's own construction system to the cooperation of leading partners and upstream and downstream, the industrial interconnection alliance with the government as the background, including the alliance in China, has a strong government background to promote the development of industrial ecology. On the whole, the subscription mode will accelerate its development and become a very important organization mode. At the same time, open source projects have become the active participation of some large companies at home and abroad to achieve code collaboration, rapid development and application

new models and new formats are emerging.

Li Haihua said that industrial interconnection involves design, production, equipment maintenance, enterprise management and other links, and has applications at all levels. It is widely used in petrochemical, steel, electronic information, home appliances, clothing, machinery, automotive, equipment, aerospace and other vertical industries and fields. In 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized the selection of 72 industrial interconnection pilot demonstration projects, covering more than 15 industries

at present, the embryonic form of the industrial interconnection industrial system has initially appeared. There are generally two errors in the industrial interconnection network and the industrial pointer reading. 1 is the pointer error. 2 is the human error. Industrial interconnection platform, industrial interconnection security, intelligent equipment, industrial automation and edge computing, industrial software and app have become the core six fields

there are many new models and formats emerging in the field of industrial interconnection, which have stimulated the transformation and upgrading vitality of the manufacturing industry. For example, Haier has achieved mass customization production by connecting users and the whole process of production, sales and logistics, producing and distributing on demand, and achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase

as the world's largest manufacturing and networking country, China attaches great importance to the integration, application and innovative development of industrial interconnection and industrial interconnection, and promotes the upgrading of manufacturing service system, the extension of industrial chain and the expansion of value chain

Li Haihua said that the integrated development of 5g+ industrial interconnection will produce a superposition and multiplication effect, helping enterprises realize remote collaborative management, product service, real-time supply and demand docking, intelligent production, refined control and unmanned

in terms of 5g+ industrial interconnection, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places have taken the integrated application of 5g and industry as the focus of industrial planning. The integrated application has been opened in 19 provinces and cities, with more than 20 application types, involving manufacturing, energy and electricity, smart ports and other fields

based on this, professional service enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, industrial technology solutions providers, ICT enterprises and other entities are actively building industrial interconnection platforms. Li Haihua revealed that there are hundreds of existing industrial interconnection platforms in China, and there are more than 70 platforms with certain influence. At the same time, the core competence and service level of the industrial interconnection platform have been significantly improved, with an average of 690000 industrial equipment connections

Li Haihua pointed out that the development of industrial interconnection cannot be separated from the comprehensive innovative exploration of network, logo, platform and security. On the network side, OPC ua+tsn is the consensus of the industry, and the combination of 5g and edge computing has become a new exploration direction of industrial interconnection; Identification in industrial mutual 1. Online prompt to open equipment failure joint application will be systematized, and distributed architecture has become a new hot spot; The Internet platform has achieved deep collaboration between the edge and the cloud, said Jim foster, Platts' chief petrochemical market analyst: if nothing unexpected, application innovation support has become the focus of improvement; Security testing, security certification and data security have become the focus of research

Li Haihua pointed out that with the development of industrial interconnection, the network infrastructure that meets the needs of vertical industries will become the focus, and the interconnection of high-quality industrial interconnection networks will become the construction hotspot. With the acceleration of quality network construction for vertical industries by operators, it will be necessary to build high-quality interconnection facilities (including switching centers and direct connection points) across operators and clouds in the next five years to meet the high-quality, reliable and safe network and data interconnection service needs of important support systems and platforms across operators

secondly, regional networks oriented to vertical industries will become the construction hotspot. Enterprise specialization and industry Slicing Based on the application of 5g+ industrial interconnection in vertical industries can effectively solve the reliability and security requirements of wireless deployment of industrial enterprises, and will become the focus of 5g+ industrial interconnection infrastructure construction. In the next five years, more than 20000 industrial parks across the country will complete the network transformation and upgrading for industrial interconnection, which will become an important application scenario for the implementation of new technologies such as TSN, edge computing industrial optical network, deterministic network (DetNet), 5g MEC, WiFi 6, etc

According to Li Haihua, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the development of industrial interconnection. The Ministry of industry and information technology has taken the lead in formulating a series of policy documents. All localities have also accelerated the construction of industrial interconnection. The continuous improvement of the policy system will lead to industrial innovation and development

the construction of industrial interconnection security guarantee capacity is related to the overall situation. China should strengthen the multi-party cooperation of government, industry, University and research, and speed up the layout and collaborative promotion of industrial interconnection security top-level design, technical guarantee system, industrial security support, etc. Li Haihua said

Li Haihua said that we should promote safety work in an all-round way, continue to do a good job in the publicity, implementation and implementation of the guiding opinions on strengthening the safety of industrial interconnection, and promote the construction of a comprehensive safety assurance system. In terms of policies and regulations, improve the supervision methods through operation monitoring, data management, etc., and enhance the enthusiasm of application through fiscal and tax subsidies, fund support, etc; In terms of supporting capacity, we should create the extreme promotion of industrial interconnection applications through joint research and achievements, and improve the supply level through short board breakthroughs, platform cultivation, etc; In terms of guarantee elements, we should know the practice of industrial interconnection through common standards and industry specific standards, and improve the application and deployment needs through talent training and introduction

industrial interconnection is entering an important stage of overcoming difficulties, and still faces some challenges. In terms of technology, in terms of the integration of it and ot technologies, the effectiveness of the Department's emerging technologies to solve industrial problems needs to be verified; In terms of application, the foundation of enterprise industrial digitalization and networking is weak, the number of general industrial solutions is limited, and professionals are scarce; In terms of industry, the collaborative innovation cooperation of enterprises is not deep enough, and the construction of industrial ecology needs to be strengthened; In terms of business, the early-stage capital investment scale is large, the short-term income is limited, and the investment return cycle is long. At present, the enterprise profit model is relatively single. Li Haihua emphasized

in view of these problems, Li Haihua suggested that industrial interconnection has a long way to go, and it needs unremitting exploration. These problems in development cannot be solved independently by an enterprise, and it needs government, industry, University and research funds to strengthen coordination and joint efforts to make breakthroughs

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