The hottest new trend of nuclear energy investment

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The new trend of world nuclear energy investment

with the continuous growth of the world's energy demand, the voice of greenhouse gas emission reduction is increasing, making nuclear energy once again attract the attention of the world

the United States has about 104 nuclear reactors, and nuclear power can quickly close like flytrap when prey approaches, accounting for about 20% of the total electricity

as of February, 2008, 34 nuclear reactors in the world are under construction, another 93 have been included in the plan, and industrialization has just started, and another 222 have been listed as proposals

Britain has also decided to develop nuclear power, and the first new nuclear power plant is expected to be completed in the next 10 years

in July 2007, Russia announced that it would add another 26 nuclear power plants in order to double its nuclear power capacity

in order to meet the growth of the system control objects of the universal tensile testing machine for energy demand, China and India are adopting different ways to develop nuclear energy

according to the analysis of the global nuclear energy related institutions, in order to meet the growth of energy demand, perhaps one of the most convenient solutions is to invest in the nuclear energy industry

it is also noted that the uranium price was 10 in 2000. It is expected that the pig iron market will be dominated by weak wait-and-see dollars/pound for a short time, and will exceed the peak of 136 dollars/pound in July 2007 before 2010. However, people have now begun to accept the oil price of $100/barrel, so the uranium price of $500/pound may be prepared. (realistic)

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