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The new ultrasonic flowmeter is settled in Shanshan. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction. 1. Shanshan oil production plant of Tuha oilfield has recently installed a new ultrasonic flowmeter in 9 key water injection wells, and the accuracy of water injection measurement has been effectively improved. 7. Curve traversal: as of September 26, after the completion of the experiment, a total of more than 15000 tons of water injection has been measured, which provides a reliable basis for the "fine water injection" work of the oilfield. 14. Working pressure: 21 MPa

in order to effectively solve the problem of water injection measurement in Shanshan oilfield, this factory installed this new instrument on 9 key water injection wells in August this year. After a large number of measurement data comparison, it is confirmed that this new ultrasonic flowmeter has advantages over the ordinary electromagnetic flowmeter in terms of stability and accuracy. Impact strength is used to evaluate the impact resistance of materials or judge the brittleness or toughness of materials, The accuracy of oilfield water injection has also been greatly improved

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