Causes and treatment of noise in the operation of

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Causes and solutions of noise in three-phase asynchronous vibration motor during operation

5 The voltage of the vibration motor is too high or the three-phase voltage is unbalanced: measure the power supply voltage, and check and calculate that the fault may cause the connecting rod connecting the two supports to break, and check the cause of the high voltage or imbalance

6. Wrong connection of stator winding: check the wiring diagram of middle and low-end pairs mainly exported from developed countries, and re connect the ends according to the correct connection method after heating (including binding, insulation treatment and painting)

7. If the winding is faulty and does not coincide with the main pin (such as short circuit): heat the open circuit part to the temperature allowed by the insulation grade Soften the paint, then pick up the broken wire, repair the broken part with wires of the same specification, wrap the insulation, and then paint and dry it

8. When rewinding, the number of turns per phase is not equal: rewind and correct the number of turns

9. The bearing is lack of grease: clean the bearing, add appropriate grease, and make it full of 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the net volume of the bearing chamber

10. The fan touches the hood or the air duct is blocked: repair the fan and hood to make their geometric dimensions correct, and clean the ventilation opening road today

11. The breath is uneven, and the stator and rotor rub against each other

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