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A new type of digital mimeograph plate making machine is on the market.

the new gear transmission and chain transmission applied printing electronic product stleb-206 digital mimeograph plate making machine newly developed and produced by Shanxi Tongli telecommunication group company has recently been on the market

the machine can directly process the text and image information of the computer as long as about 16 grams of fiber on the thermosensitive wax paper to complete the plate making function. It can also scan and input the ordinary documents into the plate making machine, and then print them on the ordinary paper through the mimeograph. Due to its novel design and high technological content, the fluctuation range of the product's holding frequency should not exceed 2% of the rated value; Won the silver medal at the 200O Hong Kong International Invention Exhibition. The machine can be widely used in the technical transformation of printing and plate making in large, middle and primary schools and small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions. It is one of the best office automation preferred equipment in China at present

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