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The new trend of moon cake packaging this year is more than a month away from the Mid Autumn Festival, and the taste of moon cakes has begun to spread. Chongqing Evening News learned from some moon cake manufacturers in our city and please follow the operation instructions to avoid improper use. Compared with previous years, when there were too many kinds of moon cakes, exquisite packaging and strange taste, this year's moon cake market was more popular with fresh and elegant style

the packaging is cute

as a seasonal food, moon cakes have evolved into pure gifts in recent years, which has caused the embarrassment of moon cakes. Luxury packaging such as solid wood has not only created many moon cakes that often keep experimental machines and computers clean and hygienic, but also made moon cakes more and more far away from ordinary consumers. This year, the vast majority of gift boxes in the moon cake market in our city have been packed in environmentally friendly cartons, and the packaging is becoming smaller and smaller. According to Liu Chonghua, chairman of Watson Park, the high price of packaging does not mean that the packaging grade is high. Using cheaper materials, fully mobilize various packaging factors, pay attention to the perfect combination of packaging culture, and still be able to make high-end products

it is understood that in addition to Watson Park, Chongqing hotels, xinqinyuan, Chongqing hotels and other leading enterprises in the production of moon cakes in our city also almost all use cartons. Chongqing hotel has launched customizable Mini packs ingeniously. The cheapest one of the four Mini packs is only 38 yuan, and the most expensive one is no more than 90 yuan. Now more consumers eat moon cakes just to feel the festive atmosphere and taste the taste. Customizable Mini moon cakes let consumers spend less money to eat their favorite taste, avoiding unnecessary waste. Xiong Gengdong, deputy general manager of Chongqing Hotel, said

clear taste and heavy affection

traditional moon cakes can't get rid of the sweet and greasy taste. In order to meet the consumer demand that pays more and more attention to fresh taste and health, businesses have done a lot of homework for this. Although not all good ingredients are suitable for making cakes, the monthly price will also drop, but as long as possible, we should make good use of them. When it comes to the taste of moon cakes, the attitude of Zhou Qing, executive director of Chongqing xinqinyuan food company, represents the views of many people in the industry

it is reported that while inheriting the traditional cake path, xinqinyuan launched a French flavored cheese moon cake this year. In order to ensure the purity of the taste, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's Royal chef brunan was specially invited to personally prepare the filling of French cheese moon cakes, which has a sweet but not greasy taste and lingering fragrance. Some businesses can also feel that they have injected more healthy elements into moon cakes. This year, Yuanzu not only added fruit grains to the snow moon cakes, but also introduced the first moon cake containing oligo (prebiotic) in China, making the moon cakes have the effect of yogurt

It is understood that due to the impact of the consumption environment, the sales of zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival in our city this year fell by about 15% compared with previous years. Many industry people are not optimistic about the market performance of moon cakes, which requires businesses to invest more energy to stimulate sales

in order to boost and stimulate the consumption of the moon cake market, major businesses have made a real move in resource integration and marketing promotion this year. Many businesses have launched large-scale promotional means. After the Thai tour of the Dragon Boat Festival, xinqinyuan has launched an eight day round the island lottery in Taiwan. In addition, in order to reduce costs on the basis of ensuring and improving product quality, Chongqing hotel has carried out a series of resource integration, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Chongqing grain industry group, heavy salt group, Chongqing post and SF express, effectively reducing raw material procurement and circulation costs

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