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Common fault symptoms, causes and treatment methods of thermal relay of tower crane

1 Set the current adjustment knob to an inappropriate position, so that the contact is pushed open

2 The contact is burnt out or the moving contact rod bounces, and then the exclusion disappears from the following three aspects, resulting in the dynamic and static outlet cannot contact

1 Find out the loose position and tighten it

2 Remove the bimetallic sheet and conduct heat treatment with 2401 high temperature to eliminate internal stress. Or there is no more advanced problem of the two. Change

2 Function of protecting motor

3 The thermal relay once passed a large short-circuit current, and the bimetallic sheet has been permanently deformed

4 The action mechanism of thermal relay is different. The instrument application single chip microcomputer also has a powerful function of data processing: it can not only measure the smoothness value of a single sample, but also automatically store objects. Most high-end instruments are imported brands

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