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The new unified communication solution of Sonus SBC and NGFW improves the security status of enterprises

sonus has launched a measure to enhance the security of enterprise communication

the unique solution combines the complementary advantages of Sonus SBC and industry-leading NGFW to provide stronger and more seamless security for IP data and real-time communication traffic

the solution aims to reduce SIP security attack surface by unifying data and UC security perimeter, and promote automation and real-time adaptive security configuration throughout the enterprise

Sonus networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: Sons), the world's leading enterprise protecting cloud computing and real-time communications, today announced a plan to provide enterprises with authentic security boundaries through Sonus session boundary controller (SBC) and industry-leading next generation firewall (NGFW). The new solution can meet the growing needs of enterprises, that is, to ensure IP based data and sip based real-time communication in a consistent way while migrating to unified communication (UC)

under the current UC security perimeter arrangement, the firewall and SBC work independently to solve data and real-time communication traffic. This deployment creates natural vulnerabilities in enterprise security boundaries that can be exploited during attacks

in the new unified security field, ngfws and Sonus SBC work together by exchanging security environments to take advantage of their own advantages and fill these security vulnerabilities. Sonus SBC's deep understanding of SIP session characteristics can now enable NGFW to participate in mitigating denial of service (TDOS) attacks and stealing possible missed service attacks. Similarly, the payload scanning capability of NGFW can help SBC list hackers in the black name. The European Union believes that the above primary plastic products constitute 70% of the marine garbage source list, sending spyware or other malware. By connecting NGFW and SBC platforms at the control plane level, the unified security boundary provides an overall network defense system, making real-time threat detection and mitigation a reality in both hardware and cloud architectures

Mykola Konrad, vice president of product management and marketing at Sonus, said: enterprises are seeing an increase in UC attacks, many of which are aimed at closing contact centers or stealing data from mission critical companies. By integrating the functions of the next generation firewall with Sonus SBC and taking advantage of the automation function of SDN architecture, the new architecture provides unprecedented security for data leakage, TDOS and many other UC threats

the efforts of our two vnf providers, Sonus networks and Palo Alto networks, to support cross vnf service chains are exactly the type of intelligent collaboration we envisioned when we launched Verizon virtual network services. Shawn hakl, vice president of business, said that network and security solutions, Verizon. Exchanging metadata between virtual functions to allow strategic decisions based on the complete visibility of the external wall insulation material network will provide a certain degree of security for enterprises that can not be achieved through only four solutions in case of holidays

other facts:

visit Sonus 530 at Palo Alto networks and click ignite 2017 to learn about the demonstration of advanced IP communication security solutions for mobile network operators, managed service providers and enterprises

a report of IBM security intelligence group shows that network attack SIP using VoIP protocol increased in 2016, accounting for more than 51% of the security incident activities analyzed in 12 months

sonus conference boundary controller combination was awarded the winner of 2016 network security Excellence Award by Internet telephony

about sonus:

sonus brings customers the next generation of cloud based SIP and 4G/volte solutions by protecting mission critical traffic for VoIP, video, Im and collaboration. Using Sonus, enterprises can ensure the priority of real-time communication, and service providers can provide reliable and secure real-time services for mobile, UC and social applications. Sonus offers an award-winning portfolio based on hardware and virtualization session boundary controllers (SBCs), diameter signaling controllers (DSCs), policy/routing servers, and media/signaling gateways

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