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Looking at the new trends in the global printing industry through drupa 2008 (I)

the massive drupa exhibition ended in Dusseldorf, Germany, on June 11, 2008. The exhibition attracted 1971 exhibitors from 52 countries, 391000 visitors from 138 countries and more than 3000 people from all over the world to exhibit, visit and report, with a total transaction volume of 10billion euros. It can be said that drupa 2008 is a feast worthy of the name. This exhibition of general motors can also detect several major trends in the future development of the printing industry

trend 1: every offset printing machine manufacturer has upgraded its printing machine

Qualcomm's experiment provides valuable technical support for Yanchang Petroleum's kerosene refining demonstration project, which will be put into operation in October this year. The online printing inspection system can scan every page entering the conveyor or double-sided printing unit, It can also compare the printed pages with the reference samples when the printing machine is running at full speed. Qualitative mark can label unqualified printing sheets, so that they can be automatically excluded by die cutting, stamping or folding machine. QualiTronic professional is an online monitoring system with density measurement and control. It only needs about 60 prints to standardize the density. Densitronic PDF has a scanner that can scan pages at a resolution of 330dpi and compare them with the original PDF file. Drivetronic SPC can realize synchronous version change in 60 seconds, and will not be affected by the number of printing units. Drivetronic ident can read the registration marks imaged in the mouth of the printing plate, and use these marks to achieve theoretically zero error registration on all printing plate cylinders. In this way, the overprinting from the first sample is very accurate. In addition, drivetronic plate ident can also improve the impact strength version of plastic plate or buffer by scanning the data matrix code that is also imaged in its mouth to identify the color separation graphene on the printing plate in each printing unit. This eliminates any risk of confusion, thereby reducing unnecessary waste

MAN Roland's inlinecolorpilot (new online automatic ink supply and control device) can measure and standardize the ink density on the printing machine during the production of steel skylight jg/t 3004 ⑴ 993, so that the operator does not have to take samples for color control. According to the width of the press, the system can install up to 15 sensors to record the measured values of the sheets on the impression cylinder. In addition, the system can measure up to seven printing inks

Heidelberg company has equipped all Speedmaster printing machines with the prime press center, which can integrate the printing machine operation, color and registration control into a single control panel. By using intellistart system, operators can prepare the next moving part while printing one. An oversized display allows the operator to see all the printing processes. In addition, it can also support the printing and sample signing process. The prime axis control system can automatically identify the type of printing measurement and control strip and its time on the printing page, thus reducing the processing time of live parts by half

the maximum speed of Komori lithrone SX 40 printer can reach 18000 pages/hour. Its new high-speed automatic plate changing device and non-stop plate unloading system can speed up the plate transfer speed of live parts. Sx40 can replace 6 printing plates in 2 minutes, thus increasing the transfer speed of live parts by 35%. From the completion of the production of the last live part to the OK sample of the next live part, this printing machine only takes 6 minutes. The fully automatic version change system can realize continuous version change without shutdown, which greatly shortens the replacement time of printing plates. The blanket and roller can also be cleaned automatically at a high speed of 18000 pages/hour

Gauss launched the M600 printing machine using sheet fed offset printing ink. This is a web printing machine, which can print 4 pages, and will eventually cut the web into sheets, with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons. This printer does not need to use a dryer, and has a higher speed than ordinary sheet fed printers. Most printer manufacturers stand out as large format printers with more than 40 inches

In other words, the new offset press shortens the preparation time, reduces waste, improves productivity, ensures the pass rate of printing sheets, and improves the consistency of printing quality. Through these changes in performance, offset press has changed the competitive situation of printing technology. However, the new functions of these printing machines have also brought some pressure to the printing machines that do not have these functions. Coupled with the strength of the euro, the price of these new offset printing machines has also climbed to an unprecedented high

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