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Food packaging luxury is suspected of violating the law. In 2003, the output value of the national packaging industry reached 320billion yuan, and the huge profits brought by Meili naturally became the magic weapon of manufacturers' operation. However, the luxurious packaging of the Mid Autumn Festival mooncakes in 2004 was widely condemned. On december29,2004, the 13th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress revised the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which came into force on April 1, 2005. Luxury packaging has given consumers face, but gradually revealed its drawbacks. Awakened rational consumption and supporting laws and regulations have shackled the "vanity loving" packaging industry

New Year's day and Spring Festival are coming one after another, and the holiday gift market is heating up. According to the sales records of a department store on Christmas Eve, the sales of Belgian "Baili" Christmas chocolate have increased by 700% year-on-year. Such strong market demand has inspired businesses, and various brand marketing strategies are also emerging. Luxury packaging matching products is once again on the stage as an indispensable link

the history of packaging from neglect to extravagance

how big is the role of packaging? It should be remembered that more than ten years ago, China's export commodities were not particular about packaging. Seeing that the high-quality noodles exported from one sack to another were snubbed in foreign supermarkets because they did not have suitable "clothes", it can be said that it gave a heavy blow to the business mode of "attaching importance to content and ignoring form" of Chinese manufacturers. At that time, China's export commodities were poorly packed, and although they were of high quality, they still could not compete with similar foreign commodities, so they could only be sold at reduced prices and even reduced to ground goods. The bitter lesson makes many manufacturers begin to pay attention to the packaging problem. "People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles" and "reform the past" Chinese export products sell well all over the world with their exquisite packaging, high quality and low price. "Madeinchi-na" has changed its silly, big, black and coarse image and become a high-quality brand. However, over packaging has become popular in the past two years. Leaving aside the moon cake market, the most typical is a kind of American ginseng packaging. The box is very large. When you open it, there is only a thin resin, which is divided into epoxy resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin and polyacrylic resin. The volume is less than 1/100 of the packaging. The packaging profit of the cosmetics and beauty industry is even more astonishing. Such "strong outside but weak inside" packaging shows that the packaging market has reached the other extreme

the secret from "low-end" to "high-end"

facing the rapid development of the packaging industry, businesses are happy. The dreamlike packaging makes bundling sales popular, and some high-end brands also take this opportunity to raise their prices. At present, retailers will not ignore gift packaging in the high gift sales season. The major commercial buildings in the capital have set up huts or venues that specialize in Christmas and New Year gifts. As early as mid November, Malone began to promote Christmas gifts. All kinds of big gift bags made in the name of Christmas or new year are beautiful and attractive, with an increase of 60 or 70 varieties over last year, and the sales performance increased by 50% year-on-year. Some brands have specially designed limited edition products, such as Estee Lauder's gift box, Swatch's watch, Swarovski's crystal jewelry, etc. these brands have super strong design and marketing ability. They not only highlight the festival features from the product itself, but also make enough articles on the packaging. The eyeball economy naturally attracts many consumers

as the packaging has stimulated the growth of sales rapidly, all manufacturers have spared no effort to increase the packaging cost. According to Mr. Jing, an employee of a printing factory, the manufacturer is very keen on designing and printing luxury packaging products. Among them, AoMiao packaging is a favorable shortcut to make the products from "low-end" to "high-end". How much is the package worth? When you come to the Tianyi wholesale market in Beijing, you can see in a wide range of gift packages that the paper paste marks also cost 5 yuan, and the slightly better ones range from 10 yuan to 200 yuan. Take the gold and silver jewelry we often say, the outer packaging of this luxury is very exquisite, and the small box that can be put in the palm of your hand costs at least 10 yuan. According to Ms. Zhang, the chief editor of China beauty fashion daily, the annual output value of cosmetics packaging in China alone is about tens of billions, not to mention other luxury packaging, which is nothing

an insider of a packaging company said that the manufacturer hopes to advertise through packaging without sparing the cost, The packaging of chocolate and cosmetics of international well-known brands they represent is priced, and then the maximum peak displacement is obtained by multiplying the root mean square displacement by three times (if the displacement spectral density is a high curve value, it accounts for a part of the product cost). Mr. Jing frankly said, "in fact, consumers have already paid for their packaging." 。

paying attention to development can avoid similar comparisons.

can luxury packaging really go all the way? The R & D personnel who interviewed an internationally renowned cosmetics brand said that the company's high-end products and civilian products are of high quality. The reason why high-end products are expensive is that they sell a concept, that is, they embody the characteristics of consumer groups everywhere in packaging design and brand publicity, which is a luxury. It seems that beauty is really a temptation. People have to pay money to pursue "beauty"

recently, the National People's Congress revised the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste. The new law implements a producer extension system, requiring producers not only to be responsible for environmental pollution caused in the production process, but also to undertake the responsibility of recycling or disposal of waste products or used packages. In view of excessive packaging, the revised law on the prevention and control of solid waste stipulates that the standardization administrative department of the State Council shall organize the formulation of relevant standards in accordance with the national economic and technical conditions, the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste and the technical requirements of products. At the same time, enterprises that produce, sell and import products and packaging materials that are listed in the compulsory recycling catalogue according to law must, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, reduce the proportion of fuel based products in such products and packaging materials

in a shopping mall with a strong festive atmosphere, which has and continues to use the current method elected by the election committee of the executive chair, luxury gifts are really exciting. It is far from enough to rely on beauty in packaging. Many consumers are very much in favor of simple packaging. It doesn't matter whether there is a beautiful package or not if the goods are purchased for their own or family use; If it is given as a gift, the packaging really needs to be exquisite, but it should be enough. Genuine goods at reasonable prices and good value for money are still the most important criteria for choosing commodities. And the exquisite packaging becomes garbage that can be thrown everywhere when you get home. According to the statistics of the environmental health department, among the nearly 3million tons of garbage generated in Beijing each year, the packaging of various commodities is about 830000 tons, of which 600000 tons are excessive packaging materials that could have been omitted. All these have brought waste of resources to the society

from April 1 this year, this phenomenon will be restricted by the new prevention and control law. At present, China's packaging industry has made the most efforts in the form of appearance, but it rarely involves scientific and technological research and development. According to the insiders of the Intellectual Property Office, there are only more than 2000 invention patents in China's packaging industry, but there are more than 10000 appearance patents. Before 2000, about 80% of the patents had expired. Tetra Pak packaging in Sweden is famous all over the world for the invention of aseptic milk packaging. At present, a large number of soft drinks still use its packaging. It has been proved that only the packaging that can better improve the product quality is the packaging that will last forever

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