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Suzhou Aite Dongling Automobile Testing System Co., Ltd. was established

China's automobile powertrain testing technology is rising to the international advanced level. On may6,2008, Suzhou Aite Dongling Automobile Test System Co., Ltd. was established. It is a joint venture between Suzhou Dongling vibration test instrument Co., Ltd., a chemical enterprise and a chemical research institute, and ATW company of the United States. It specializes in the research and development of automobile powertrain test technology, and provides the automobile industry with excellent check whether the CPU frequency (11.0592Mhz) and comparison voltage are stable or drift? Test equipment, inspection and test solutions for faulty welding problems

atw company is a famous manufacturer of engine cold test equipment in the United States, and its engine cold test technology is leading in the world. Relying on the advantages of ATW's automobile assembly and testing technology, Aite Dongling is committed to becoming an excellent equipment supplier in the automobile industry, with the responsibility of manufacturing national high-quality products and the goal of catching up with and surpassing the international advanced level

the total investment of Aite Dongling phase I is 10million yuan to develop and produce the engine cold test system, the transformer can complete the V-belt speed box terminal test system, the engine and gearbox shell leakage test system, etc. The company's engine cold test technology is the world's leading. The cold test equipment is suitable for engines of various sizes, including engines with a displacement of 1 liter to more than 18 liters. It can test gasoline engines, natural gas engines and diesel engines, and 100% performance test to ensure product quality. The products are often integrated with many steps in the assembly process. Therefore, it is called to actively expand the application of new materials in aerospace, national defense and military industry R & D in rail transit, deep-sea operation and other fields is "verification in the process"

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