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On the morning of November 20, we started from Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and headed east along the elevated first road. Far away from the small bridges and flowing water of the ancient city, there are many tall buildings on both sides of Jinji Lake, and the "Oriental gate" stands proudly. Suzhou Industrial Park has ushered in a new day in the morning light

the Suzhou City on the map is like a settled chessboard, with the ancient city as the center, the Eastern Industrial Park and the western high tech Zone as "one body with two wings". The "two cities" pattern of Suzhou is derived from the intersection of tradition and modernity

on the one hand is the millennium old and elegant Suzhou, on the other hand is the passion and speed of the forefront of change

in 2017, the total electricity consumption in Suzhou was 150.4 billion kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 8.75%, second only to Shanghai, ranking second in China; The gross social product is 1.73 trillion yuan, accounting for 20.2% of Jiangsu Province. Behind the rapid economic growth is the huge energy demand. How to make comprehensive and efficient use of energy to better serve economic and social development has become a common concern of the government, power enterprises and energy customers

the choice of energy transformation under the dilemma

energy conservation and consumption reduction have dual special significance for Suzhou. On the one hand, from the perspective of urban endowments, Suzhou's industrial background has given it room for economic dislocation with Shanghai, but it has also caused the problems of relatively unreasonable industrial structure and high energy consumption level in Suzhou. In 2017, when the electricity consumption of the whole society was not much different, the GDP of Shanghai was 3trillion yuan, while that of Suzhou was only 1.7 trillion yuan. There is a huge space for energy efficiency improvement

on the other hand, from the perspective of energy supply, Suzhou has a perfect power grid structure, basically forming a grid structure with UHV AC/DC hybrid connection as the support, 500 kV as the backbone, 7 220 kV district power mutual operation, and the coordinated development of 110 kV and below intelligent power distribution. From January to August this year, the maximum load in Suzhou was 26.62 million KW. According to the forecast of economic development, the load will reach 45 million KW by 2035, almost doubling. It is obviously unrealistic to increase energy supply such as external power access to meet the energy needs of future economic development

in the Internet era, global energy is in a critical period of transformation. The essence of interconnection is to connect everything. Specifically, it means sharing, interaction, virtualization and service

American economist rachelbotsman believes in the era of sharing economy that at present, the global economy is showing an unprecedented trend. Sharing economic behaviors such as sharing, exchange, lending and leasing among consumers are growing explosively. Collaborative consumption, that is, the sharing economy model, which is rising due to the development of Internet technology, is gradually replacing the outdated and outdated traditional business model. Whether in finance, tourism, education and retail, the sharing economy is growing vigorously in the ascendant

energy transformation and economic model transformation mean that the business model of energy enterprises will also undergo profound changes. Lvwenjie, Secretary of the Party committee of Suzhou power supply company, said: "China home appliances Co., Ltd. proposes to build a world-class energy interconnection enterprise with outstanding competitiveness. Starting from the needs of the government, customers, suppliers, society and other stakeholders, our understanding of energy interconnection enterprises is not simply understood as the direct grafting of interconnection technology in traditional power enterprises, but an overall change in the way of enterprise operation and development. The key is to create a comprehensive energy service IOT with the concept of openness and sharing The platform, with the improvement of energy efficiency as the starting point and the ubiquitous intelligent application of energy big data as the core, has built an ecosystem of comprehensive energy services, thus giving birth to a variety of new energy service formats. "

in July this year, the construction of open energy interconnection and sharing service platform was carried out under the joint cooperation of Suzhou power supply company and Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee. Suzhou, as a model city for international energy reform and development, seeks and moves according to the situation, explores the path of energy interconnection transformation, and serves the upgrading of urban smart energy

information sharing gave birth to the energy interconnection platform

logging in to the energy management service platform on the office computer every day and browsing the energy consumption statistics of enterprises and institutions in the park has become a professional habit of zhangmingao of the economic development committee of the Management Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park. He said: "three years ago, the park began to build special databases such as credit bank, legal person bank and energy bank. Among them, the energy database tries to achieve double coverage of enterprises and energy varieties, achieve accurate service and management through energy analysis, truly and objectively predict and evaluate the business conditions of enterprises, and provide support for the government's macro management and micro services."

entering Suzhou Industrial Park, Jinjihu Avenue is straight and wide, and the commercial buildings on both sides are high-end and magnificent. Suzhou Industrial Park is an important cooperation project between the governments of China and Singapore. It was established with the approval of the State Council in February 1994 and launched in May of the same year. As an important manufacturing base in China, it is responsible for the amplifier range transformation, data collection, data transmission, universal experimental machine mode selection and LCD display of the whole machine. The manufacturing enterprises in the Industrial Park account for more than 70% of the industries above Designated Size, showing the characteristics of large industrial economic aggregate and perfect system. However, it is also facing the pressure of urgent improvement of production efficiency of manufacturing enterprises and optimization and adjustment of industrial structure

zhangmingao said: "as the pacesetter in the construction of domestic development zones, the park is committed to building a world-class high-tech industrial park. From the perspective of energy use, it is to improve energy efficiency and encourage multi energy collaboration. Building an open and shared comprehensive energy service platform will undoubtedly help public management departments make decisions."

such desire also exists in the enterprise side. Guxiaofeng is an electromechanical Engineer in the 2.5 Industrial Park of Suzhou Industrial Park. He frankly said that in recent years, the construction of distributed new energy in the industrial park, such as energy storage and power consumption, roof photovoltaic power generation, has developed rapidly, and the electricity generated is directly supplied to the industrial park, which not only develops new energy, but also saves costs for customers. However, how to achieve comprehensive energy management and control puzzles enterprises. He said: "because there is no collection point, the load side data cannot be collected, the comprehensive utilization of energy lacks data support, and even such work as line loss reduction is very difficult. 11) the maximum spacing between the lower fixture and the upper fixture should be no less than 700mm; it is difficult to carry out."

Xudan, general manager of Suzhou Industrial Park power supply company, said: "at present, national industrial upgrading, park business environment optimization, enterprise internal management and comprehensive energy service innovation all need to be based on quantitative information. The demand for energy information is growing. Building an energy interconnection platform is the common demand of the government, customers and energy service providers."

precise docking to meet the needs of multiple parties

Xu Dan demonstrated the construction achievements of the open energy interconnection and sharing service platform at the comprehensive energy service hall of the power supply company in Suzhou Industrial Park. At the click of the mouse, the rich contents and powerful functions of the five modules of regional energy efficiency panorama, enterprise energy efficiency monitoring, integrated energy management, integrated energy service mall and social public services are presented on the screen one by one

Xu Dan introduced that the platform provides different value supplies for all parties involved. In terms of serving government agencies, the platform can accurately grasp the energy consumption information of most self-contained plastic bag enterprises in the park, ensure the implementation of the government's industrial policies on new energy development, demand side management, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety, and support the management needs of people's livelihood, finance, taxation and other fields

in terms of serving enterprises in the park, based on data monitoring, analysis and mining technology, enterprises in the park can timely, accurately and comprehensively find problems in the process of energy consumption. This is the equipment asset management, energy load optimization, price package selection and improvement space due to problems in the selection of accessories for the experimental machine, helping enterprises to continuously improve the safety, economy, quality and environmental protection level of energy consumption

in terms of serving energy manufacturers, aiming at the problems to be solved and the needs to be met by the enterprises in the park, integrate the resources of various equipment, hardware, software and service providers to form a sound alliance of comprehensive energy service manufacturers. At the same time, through the portraits of enterprises and service providers, realize the accurate promotion of opportunities for comprehensive energy service projects, and promote transaction matching through financial products, so that customers can get comprehensive energy services with high cost performance

in terms of serving the public, the platform is committed to breaking through barriers in water, electricity, gas and heat related industries, achieving comprehensive data collection and effective integration, and providing open and equal energy data information services and application program interface (API) development environment services to the public

at present, the platform has completed the access and collection of data from the green low-carbon development platform of the park government, pilot customer data and production and operation data of third-party energy service providers, covering the source, storage and load links, involving more than 3000 customers

combined with the platform access data and offline supplementary data, the energy consumption of enterprises is analyzed through the platform integrated energy service project mining algorithm, and the energy storage investment opportunities and capacity demand optimization opportunities of 41 enterprises are mined. The potential project opportunity scale has accumulated to 78.68 million yuan, which preliminarily verifies the feasibility of the pilot model of Suzhou Industrial Park

if the past 20 years have been an era of positive interaction between content interconnection and interpersonal interconnection, the open energy interconnection shared service platform model has made a useful exploration in the combination of service interconnection and industrial IOT. Through interconnection, IOT and big data application, realize the interconnection of energy flow, information flow and business flow. In the next step, Suzhou power supply company will pilot the construction of an energy interconnection innovation system with balanced energy supply and demand in the industrial park, including industry, construction, transportation and life, build an open and inclusive energy interconnection ecosystem, and promote the green, low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development of the park, Let the benefits of comprehensive energy utilization benefit the whole society

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