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PS market will maintain a narrow consolidation in the short term

the domestic PS market showed a consolidation trend last week. At the beginning of the week, the market atmosphere was calm, the quotation was stable, the downstream wait-and-see atmosphere was strong, and the transactions were rare. Then, traders had different views on the future market, and the prices in the market rose and fell. In the middle of the week, the prices in the East China market basically stabilized, with individual small declines, the downstream wait-and-see did not decrease, there were few purchases, and the actual transaction price was slightly lower. At the weekend, crude oil fell, traders' mentality became worse, and some prices fell, but the trading was deadlocked, and the transactions were rare

although the crude oil price reached a new high last week, at present, the ABS market is mainly affected by supply and demand. The demand is weak, and the market price is stable and low. At the beginning of the week, due to the oil price, the market price is stable and small, and the range is not large, but the downstream demand is light. In the middle of the week, the market is still stable and declining, and the fundamentals of demand are still weak. At the weekend, the high crude oil price is strong, and traders' quotations are stable, but the downstream purchase interest has not increased, Market transactions are limited

East China: after nearly a month of weakness, there was no new change in Changzhou PS market over the weekend. Due to the limited adjustment range of the upstream color changing coating and ink market revenue is expected to reach $2billion and the coldness of the downstream market, the middleman operation is relatively restricted, and the actual cargo trading volume on the market is basically flat compared with the same period in the previous two weeks. The market reference price of Zhenjiang Qimei pg33 is about 13600 yuan/ton, Ph88 market quotation is yuan/ton. Affected by the market atmosphere, there is no bright spot in terms of transaction; Yuyao ABS market is relatively slow to respond to the fluctuation of raw material market, and the quotations of various brands are basically flat. The reference price of domestic low-end ABS market is about 15600 yuan/ton, the high-end shipment resistance is large, and there is still some room for negotiation at the low end. Market participants operate cautiously. The reference price of Taihua Ningbo 15a1 is yuan/ton, and the downstream receiving strength is not enough, which has a direct negative impact on the market. Some middlemen expect that there is still some room for reduction in the ABS market in the near future

South China: as the weekend East welcomes the industrial interconnection + period, the Dongguan PS market is generally stable. Zhenjiang Qimei PG-33 offers 13200-13300 yuan/ton without tickets. Some traders report that due to the regular supply of goods to downstream factories, the shipment is still normal, Guangzhou Petrochemical 525 deals about 12300 yuan/ton without tickets, the middleman's inventory is not large, and the deal is limited. They are mainly bearish on the future trend, and Shanghai Secco offers 123 yuan/ton without tickets, Middlemen have resistance to shipment; Dongguan ABS market continues to be in decline. Middlemen have a small amount of inventory, and shipments are light. Jihua 0215a quotes yuan/ton without tickets. Traders reflect that there are not many market circulation sources, but the market price is stable. Ningbo plastic materials has lighter quality, Yongxing 121h quotes yuan/ton without tickets, and the market circulation source is tight. Daqing Petrochemical 750A quotes yuan/ton without tickets, The shutdown and overhaul of ABS device in Daqing in July had no significant impact on the local market

trend forecast: at present, the market lacks clear guidance. It is expected that the market will maintain a narrow consolidation and a stalemate in trading in the short term. If the upstream trend is still strong and the demand is improved, the market may increase slightly

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