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PTA comments: crude oil closed lower again. PTA may follow the pace (06.22)

on June 19, PTA futures contracts in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange maintained an upward trend. The main 909 contract jumped high in the morning and opened at 6922 yuan/ton. It basically remained high and stable throughout the day. It rose rapidly in the late afternoon. The lowest price in the session was 6908 yuan/ton, the highest price was 6980 yuan/ton, and finally closed at 6976 yuan/ton, 128 points higher than the settlement price on the 18th, or 1.87%. The trading volume increased to 51. Do you know the working mode of the torsion tester? 7668 hands, and the position decreased slightly from 460 hands to 200810 hands. According to the daily K-line chart, the daily K-line of the main 909 contract is a small Yang line with high opening, and the daily K-line system is arranged in multiple heads

U.S. crude oil futures closed sharply lower on Friday, the first time in three days. Chinese gasoline enterprises need to import a range of 20.3 billion yuan a year. The selling of futures put pressure on crude oil futures. PTA rebound may be limited. The settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil futures in July on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $1.82, or 2.6%, to $69.55 a barrel, hitting $68.90 during the session; The contract will expire on the 22nd. The settlement price of crude oil futures contract in August fell $1.89 to $70.02 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract in August on the ICE Futures Exchange fell $1.87, or 2.6%, to $69.19 a barrel

gasoline futures recorded the largest one-day decline since April, and rbob gasoline futures fell for the third consecutive trading day in July, as government data released on Wednesday showed that gasoline inventories unexpectedly increased last week. Analysts and traders said that gasoline futures prices were also sold off as traders settled their July rbob fission spread positions before the expiration of the July crude oil contract next Monday. Market participants are worried that gasoline in the United States is expected to continue to increase. Data released by the EIA showed that gasoline inventories in the United States increased significantly by 3.4 million barrels in the week ended June 12 due to the continued economic downturn. The U.S. economic cycle Research Institute (ECRI) said last Friday that an index measuring the future economic growth rate of the United States rose in the recent week, reconfirming the hope that the economy will return to positive growth in summer months. ECRI said that the US weekly leading index (WLI) rose to 117.1 on June 12, a 36 week high

on June 19, due to the optimistic comments of securities companies on Microsoft, which stimulated the strength of technology stocks, the S & P 500 index and Nasdaq composite index closed higher on June 19, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed lower. The Dow Jones index closed down 15.87 points, or 0.2%, to 8539.73. It closed up on the 18th of this week, falling 259.53 points, or 3%, for the first time in the past month. The S & P 500 index rose 2.86 points, or 0.3%, to 921.23, the second consecutive session of gains. The index fell in the previous three trading days. The S & P 500 index fell 24.98 points, or 2.6%, this week. The Nasdaq composite index rose 19.75 points, or 1.1%, to 1827.47. The index fell 31.33 points, or 1.7%, this week. Although the 19th is the "four magic day", that is, the US stock index options, index options, individual stock futures and index futures expire at the same time, the market trading is relatively quiet, as traders flatten their positions before the release of important economic data next week

raw material p-xylene continued to fall on Thursday, and the Asian market price fell $7/ton to 974 5 US dollars/ton FOB South Korea, the European market price fell by 3 US dollars/ton to the flexible packaging requirements. One machine of the tension machine uses more US dollars/ton FOB Rotterdam

pta spot market rebounded slightly, driven by the continued rise of international oil prices overnight. The seller's offer price in the domestic material market increased by 100 yuan/ton to around 7050 yuan/ton, and the overall trading atmosphere improved slightly. The negotiation price between the buyer and the seller was concentrated between 6, 000 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton. The quotation price of general cargo increased by $15/ton to $835/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price increased by $10/ton, concentrated between $1/ton. The negotiation atmosphere was good

the downstream polyester market has improved slightly. The lightweight polyester staple fiber market and consumption upgrading in East China are the driving force of the market. The manufacturer's quotation has generally increased by about 100 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiated price in the market is about 8500 yuan/ton. The polyester filament market has increased steadily, and the sales of some factories have improved. The polyester filament quotation has been increased by yuan/ton, and the market atmosphere is acceptable. However, crude oil prices fell, and it is expected that the upside space in the future will be limited

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