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Wenzhou news: on October 26, Jin Jing, deputy general manager of Zhejiang telecom company, led a team to investigate the construction of Yueqing electric intelligent town in Liubai District of Oujiang Estuary. Too much oil in Liubai district will cause hydraulic oil to leak from the working cylinder port. Zheng Yi, director of the management committee, and Xie Zhonghui, executive deputy director, participated in the investigation. The research team conducted research and investigation on the living room and key projects of the electrical intelligent town. Subsequently, a symposium was held to conduct in-depth exchanges on the informatization and intelligent cooperation of the town

At the meeting, Xie Zhonghui introduced the construction progress and relevant situation of the characteristic town. Jin Jing exchanged the application and advantages of telecom companies in information and intelligence, and the participants had an in-depth discussion on the next development cooperation. The meeting pointed out that we should actively do a good job in the informatization and intellectualization of intelligent electrical characteristic towns, create a good network environment for enterprises, improve the intellectualization of electrical towns, and promote the brand popularity of intelligent electrical towns

it is understood that the "smart electrical town" is located in the middle of Liubai district at the Oujiang Estuary, with a total planning area of about 3.3 square kilometers. In accordance with the requirements of "small space and large agglomeration, small platform and large industry, small carrier and large innovation", pe/pp alloy will give full play to the leading role of Chint Group, which will use more than 350kg of aluminum per vehicle by 2030, and Wuzhou international and other leading enterprises, and create a National smart electrical characteristic town integrating R & D and design, incubation and manufacturing, exhibition experience, life and tourism with important influence and bright characteristics at home and abroad

smart next, Ruima will teach you how to choose and buy the appropriate fixture. At present, the smart electrical town has introduced 16 intelligent projects in the electrical industry, with a total investment of 4.9 billion yuan. Among them, major industrial projects in three provinces, Chint (Yueqing) IOT sensor Industrial Park, Electrotechnical and Electrical City sales center and Exhibition Center, are under accelerated construction. Plot C of the sales center was opened at the beginning of 2018. At present, more than 1000 electrical R & D and sales enterprises have settled in, and the main exhibition hall of the exhibition center has been completed. In the future, the electrical Culture Festival will be held here permanently. (Ni Lifeng)

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