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PSO easergy A5 digital twins help build data centers for the future. Beijing, China, June 2, 2020. Now, with the vigorous development of the digital economy, 5g, AI and other technologies begin to be widely used, new application scenarios continue to emerge, and people's clothing, food, housing and transportation are increasingly dependent on the network and the cloud. All kinds of enterprises are constantly creating new value through digital means, Cloud and digital transformation have become important means for enterprises to achieve innovation. IDC predicts that the number of IOT terminals will reach 35.2 billion by 2030, and the amount of data generated by their connections will reach 175zb. The explosive growth period of data volume has come

in order to comply with this trend and allow those massive data to be applied more freely, instantly and flexibly to create value, the importance of data centers has become increasingly prominent, which has further stimulated the expansion of the entire market. According to the prediction of China Business Research Institute and China IDC circle, the overall size of the global IDC business market will exceed 900billion yuan in 2020, of which the size of the Chinese market will exceed 200billion yuan. As a data hub and application carrier, data center is the infrastructure supporting the information systems of various industries. The continuous operation of data center becomes more and more important, and the continuity of power supply is particularly important

in order to ensure 7*24-hour continuous power supply and avoid data loss, service interruption and even huge asset loss caused by power failure, data center customers often adopt redundant power supply structures including two-way mains power, two-way diesel generator power supply and UPS. In case of emergency, if a certain power supply is cut off, the power supply will be automatically switched to maintain the continuity of power supply at all times. However, with the continuous expansion of the scale of the data center, the power system is also increasingly complex, which leads to the need for users to invest huge human and material resources in the design, commissioning and later operation and maintenance management process. The traditional automatic control system is subject to digital means, and has disadvantages in anti-interference ability and visual monitoring of control signals, which brings great difficulties to users in the process of operation and maintenance and management, resulting in low work efficiency. For enterprises whose output value is calculated in seconds, the extension of construction period and the delay of troubleshooting will seriously affect the normal operation of business

as an expert in the data center industry, Schneider Electric fully understands these needs and pain points by virtue of long-term communication and cooperation with customers. Based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, it has built a fully digital twin PSO easergy A5 power load automatic switching system, which can not only help these enterprises calmly cope with the needs of sensitive automatic switching of data center power, but also realize the standardization of design, field wiring and detection, The cost of user design, testing and maintenance is minimized to ensure normal and efficient business development. A seemingly simple change has created infinite value for customers

wireless simplicity, starting from IEC 61850

for a super large data center, the automatic power load switching system often needs to access huge logic control signals, so under the traditional mode, a large number of on-site wiring has become a normal state, which is not easy to expand capacity, but also difficult to find problems

and this is also the practical difficulty faced by two electrical customers that the cleaning of Schneider measuring instrument is necessary. One customer proposed that a system that can not only meet the automatic switching of multiple power supplies, but also simplify the field wiring, because the standby automatic switching device of its data center in Guangdong can not meet the analog quantity, digital quantity and logic control required for access; Another customer is dissatisfied with the effect of using PLC to realize the automatic switching function of power load in Tianjin data center, which leads to complex field wiring and difficult problem finding. He hopes to simplify field wiring, facilitate problem handling, and reduce the time and difficulty of maintenance under the condition of meeting the same function

for the needs of these two customers, Schneider Electric PSO easergy A5 power load automatic switching system is exactly what it means. The system is based on IEC 61850 Communication Protocol and transmits logic control signals by means of communication, which not only greatly reduces the number of field hard wiring, but also reduces the difficulty of wiring, meets the needs of digital access of logic control information, and also maximizes the design standardization, It greatly reduces the work intensity of designers and debugging and maintenance personnel. In addition, based on digital technology, the real-time monitoring of the status of the automatic switching system of power load can not only present all the key information in the system interface of the development process from imitation to self renovation, but also make it clear to the user at a glance. It can also quickly determine the fault location, trace the cause of the accident, and reduce the difficulty of work

make long-distance and signal interactive transmission easy.

whether it is a new or reconstruction project, for ensuring the continuity of power supply in the data center, the rapid and stable transmission of logic signals is very important, and because the super large-scale data center puts forward higher requirements for this

this situation is also common among Schneider Electric's customers. For example, a customer's super large data center in Gui'an is composed of multiple distribution stations, and the emergency power supply of each distribution station comes from the same power center, which requires that the signals involved in the control need to be transmitted over a long distance, and the control signal wiring in the station needs to be reduced, so as to reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance; Another customer is located in Qingyuan data center. Due to the particularity of business, the field equipment is required to achieve the same port curve drawing: the test results of all samples support two communication protocols after the experiment, so as to meet the requirements of background system data collection and field data interactive transmission

in these two cases, PSO easergy A5 power load automatic switching system also played an excellent role. For Gui'an data center, Schneider Electric, based on IEC 61850 Communication Technology, forms a ring network of p3u30 and p143 in the power center. Relying on the ability of rapid transmission of the system, it not only meets the redundancy requirements of large data centers, but also meets the needs of long-distance transmission of control signals, and effectively helps customers complete complex control logic. Its annual sales in 2014 reached 11.7 billion euros, reducing the amount of field wiring; For Qingyuan data center, Schneider Electric is equipped with micom P5 relay protection device in PSO easergy A5 power load automatic switching system. Its flexible communication configuration features that two Ethernet communication protocols can be selected at the same port, which perfectly meets the needs of customers

the powerful ability is more than this.

based on IEC 61850 standard, PSO easergy A5 power load automatic switching system has achieved a qualitative leap in this field, but its powerful ability is not only that. The patented test system can simulate any complex scene for factory testing, shorten the on-site installation service time, ensure the project progress, and provide training for users and operation and maintenance reports, so as to comprehensively reduce labor costs, Improve user management and reduce management costs.. In addition, the system is the only fully digital automatic switching control system that has passed multiple certifications in China at present. The software system has passed IEC 62443 industrial control network and system information security level 1 certification, IEC 61850 certification, hardware has passed IEC 61850 certification, Achilles Level 2 certification, and static simulation and dynamic simulation test certification of Cape Testing Research Institute, so that the automatic switching system can be free from electromagnetic interference, hacker attacks, and other effects, and ensure from software to hardware, Safe and reliable from communication to network

nowadays, the data center, which has been described as a digital real estate, is showing an increasingly important role and a more vigorous development trend, and laying a more solid power foundation for this special real estate is the direction of Schneider Electric's unremitting efforts. The PSO easergy A5 system, which integrates many humanized designs, is an important representative. With its excellent performance, it can not only comprehensively improve the availability and reliability of power supply, Reducing the failure rate to one in a million can also flexibly meet the personalized needs of customers, and save 70% of the project implementation time and installation cost. At the same time, combined with ecostruxure architecture and platform, it will make it easier for customers to build a high availability data center, achieve efficient operations and services, and promote the maximization of business value

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