The hottest PSA will close a French parts logistic

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PSA will close a French parts logistics factory.

the French automaker logo Citroen (PSA) said on April 14 that the company will close a Mel near Paris by 2012 if the mechanical properties fail to meet the standards, unsenart parts logistics factory

mark Citroen said that the melunsnart parts logistics factory, which is about to close, now has 390 employees, and the number of workers will gradually decrease in the future

the closure of melunsenart parts logistics factory is part of the plan to mark the establishment of a unified distribution network of parts by Citroen in France. After the closure of the logistics plant, some logistics activities will be transferred to Vesoul parts distribution center in eastern France

Citroen said that the company would not carry out mandatory layoffs. Employees affected by the closure of this logistics factory can be transferred to other factories, and employees who voluntarily leave can be compensated for the fundamental transformation of the plastic granulator process

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