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PS plastics increased steadily, with an average annual rate of 2.3%

with the characteristics of high strength, fatigue resistance, size stability and so on, PS plastics have developed rapidly in recent years, and their application fields have become more and more extensive. Due to the change of technology and the progress of advanced alternative processing technology, the increase of PS demand is not as sharp as other standard plastics. According to ceresana market researcher, the global demand for PS will increase at an average annual growth rate of 2.3%

ceresana, a market research organization, recently released a report analyzing the development of PS global market. The report said that compared with the past, the growth rate of global PS demand will be higher in the next few years. The global economic development will continue to have a close impact on the global PS market demand

the factors that have the greatest impact on the demand of PS market include: population growth, urbanization process, changes in family structure, the increase of the middle class and the rise of personal consumption. In particular, Unifi, the manufacturer of repeat brand in emerging countries, also participated in the activities of promoting recycling to young people. In the next few years, the global economy will continue to recover, which will further drive the overall consumption of PS

so far, manufacturers pay more attention to quality than quantity. The important properties of PS, such as surface gloss, impact resistance, stress fracture resistance or fluidity, are constantly being optimized. The Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. from Japan has made tableware samples with nano cellulose PLA (polylactic acid) composite injection molding to meet more application needs. But in order to meet rising global demand, capacity must be increased again. It is estimated that by 2020, the global PS capacity will increase by 700000 tons, and 90% of the new capacity will come from the Asia Pacific region

the packaging industry has a huge demand for PS, especially food packaging. In addition, PS is also often used to manufacture the shells of monitors, televisions, printers and other electrical equipment and consumer goods

in the next eight years, all application fields of PS will develop at a similar growth rate. According to ceresa, the main factors causing the damage of glass pipes are as follows: (1) in transportation, installation or use, Na predicts that the annual growth rate of the electronic and electrical field is the highest, with an average of 2.8%. By 2020, the demand for PS in the electronic and electrical industry will account for about 1/3 of the total global demand, followed by the packaging field

in the Asia Pacific region, nearly 1 ton of PS is processed every second, so this region is the most important sales market. The second is the industrialized regions North America and Western Europe. According to ceresana, the demand focus of PS is still focused on the Asia Pacific region, because the industrialized markets in North America and Western Europe are close to saturation, while emerging countries still benefit from rising wealth and steadily increasing population. In addition, the demand for PS in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America will also grow rapidly

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