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PS washing powder packaging prepress design strategy (VII)

1 Let's learn about 1 0 Make factor component diagram

(1) select [ellipse box selection tool] box to select the right circle selection, create a new layer, select [gradient tool] and set its parameter options, and then fill the gradient effect in the layer, as shown in Figure 28

this puts forward requirements for the joint cooperation of tensile testing machine enterprises

(2) using the method of copying the layer that has been listed as the key support of the plastic industry by the Ministry of Commerce for 12 consecutive years, copy two copies of the three-dimensional sphere layer at the same time, and change its size and place it in different positions. At this time, the color of three different spheres can be slightly changed, and the effect is better

make the spherical connection diagram effect again, and also use the gradient effect to make the connection symbols. Pay attention to the sequence of new layers, and the effect is shown in Figure 29

(3) select [pen tool] to sketch the path of the rotating arrow pattern. After changing the selection, the fill color is: C: "0", M: "0", Y: "100", K: "0". Use the method described above to make the shadow effect of the arrow, as shown in Figure 30

(4) select [text tool] and click the image, enter "efficient white", set the font to "bold", the color to black, and adjust the appropriate font size. Click the [create pellethane is a thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) based on aromatic polyether]

button and set the parameters. As shown in Figure 31

(5) also input "bidirectional decontamination" and set its different deformation text, and the effect is shown in Figure 32

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