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On the afternoon of December 31, 2015, a tragedy occurred at the roadside of santu village, Yangji Town, Guanyun county. A 5-year-old girl, Zixuan, had just stepped off the school bus and had not stood still, but was involved in the rear wheel of the moving school bus and was crushed and killed by the school bus. After the accident, the school bus driver and the accompanying staff on the bus did not know it at all. They drove the school bus away from the scene and sent other students back to the scene of the accident for investigation by the traffic police department. What makes parents even more unacceptable is that after the incident, the kindergarten where Xiao Zixuan is located refused to compensate for economic losses. So far, Xiao Zixuan's body is still parked in the funeral home and cannot be buried

parents reported that no 5-year-old girl should have burned children involved in the rear wheel of the school bus when she got off the bus.

according to Shi Wanyou, a family member of xiaozixuan, who lives in group 4, santu village, Yangji Town, Guanyun County, xiaozixuan was born on May 17, 2012 and just turned 4 years old before the accident. Because he and his wife are working in other places, Xiao Zixuan stays in his hometown and is led by his parents. Before school opened in September last year, the family learned that Xinwang kindergarten, located in Zhennan village, Yangji Town, had good school running conditions, so children could take off and enter the kindergarten, and there was a school bus to pick up and drop off from school, so his family sent other children in xiaozixuan and the village to Xinwang kindergarten. At school, his mother or sister usually takes xiaozixuan to the school bus. When he hears the sound of the school bus horn, he hurried to the pickup point on the south side of the road to take xiaozixuan home. Every time, the kindergarten nursing teacher handed the child over to the parents before driving. Shi Wanyou said that for some reason, at about 4:30 p.m. on December 31, 2015, the school bus hurried to the transfer point and let Xiao Zixuan get off the bus without waiting for parents. The tragedy happened at the moment when Xiao Zixuan got off the bus. The school bus driver started the bus without careful observation. Unfortunately, Xiao Zixuan was involved in the bottom of the bus, and the rear wheel of the bus rolled over Xiao Zixuan and drove to the next transfer point. At the time of the accident, Xiao Zixuan's grandmother heard Xiao Zixuan crying when she was crushed in the yard across the road, and then ran to the scene of the accident. At this time, Xiao Zixuan had been crushed by the school bus to shock. The family hurried to catch up with the school bus and stopped to help send it to the hospital for treatment, but the school bus went away and didn't return to the scene of the accident until the other students were sent away for investigation by the traffic police department

Shi Wanyou told that Xiao Zixuan had the following understanding of the problem: after the school bus was crushed, his family hurried to call 110 and sent Xiao Zixuan to the county hospital for treatment. At about 8 p.m., Xiao Zixuan died due to ineffective rescue. After xiaozixuan was crushed by the school bus and died, his family hoped that the sunruxia family, the founder of Xinwang kindergarten, could actively participate in the accident handling and compensation. Unexpectedly, the sunruxia family closed the kindergarten and locked it up, never talking about the compensation for xiaozixuan's accidental death. In the afternoon of January 6, Yangji police station and the judicial department intervened to coordinate the handling of the accident. It was originally scheduled to start handling the accident at 2 p.m. until about 5 p.m. sun Ruxia arrived at the handling place. After less than half an hour of negotiation, sun Ruxia claimed that her blood pressure increased and she could not continue to discuss compensation, which ended hastily


death from hemorrhagic shock in five Ling children

yesterday morning, I made a special trip to Xinwang kindergarten in Nancun, Yangji town for investigation. When I came to the scene, I saw that Xinwang kindergarten was located in the plot on the south side of the east-west road of Zhennan village. The kindergarten was four buildings in three directions, and the signboard of Xinwang kindergarten was posted on the outer wall in the East. As the kindergarten has been closed and locked, Xiao Zixuan's family and friends are gathered outside the kindergarten wall, waiting for sun Ruxia to appear. There were many nearby villagers watching the scene. For the school bus accident, the villagers all believe that the caretaker on the school bus did not do his duty. A villager said that if the kindergarten nursing teacher personally sent the child off the car, such an accident might not happen. According to the forensic identification document provided by Xiao Zixuan's father, the death diagnosis includes such contents: hemorrhagic shock, pelvic fracture, left femoral intertrochanteric fracture, urethral injury, abdominal organ injury. The inspection opinion is that according to the findings and the relevant medical records of Guanyun County People's Hospital, Shi Zixuan is consistent with the death of hemorrhagic shock caused by multiple pelvic fractures and pelvic organ injuries

the annual use of agricultural plastic products in education is more than 3 million tons (the Department of pipes and fittings for plastic pipes for water delivery, sprinkler irrigation, and drip irrigation under film

Xinwang kindergarten 2. The system has reliable operational performance, which is an illegal school running

at about 3 p.m. yesterday, we interviewed relevant people from Guanyun County Yibei Central Primary School on whether Xinwang kindergarten has school running qualifications and other issues. Cao Yanfang, the principal of the Central Primary School, said that Xinwang kindergarten is an illegal school running without a school running license. At ordinary times, relevant positions The energy department has also investigated and dealt with private schools, but many kindergartens continue to run schools illegally after investigation. At ordinary times, the central primary school conducts business guidance and management for licensed kindergartens, and government departments take the lead and organize law enforcement departments to jointly investigate and deal with unlicensed school running institutions. Because Xinwang kindergarten is an illegal school, the Central Primary School has no right to intervene in the accident investigation and handling, and the school has no right to manage the school bus. Headmaster Cao said that in view of the private illegal school running in Yibei, the Central Primary School will conduct an inventory of the school running of kindergartens in the township. If it is found that it does not meet the school running conditions, it will be reported to the relevant departments for banning

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