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Basic principle of dynamic resistance balance valve

dynamic resistance balance valve, namely ZLY differential pressure/flow control valve, is a new type of balance valve. It is a multi-function valve that can control both flow and differential pressure. It uses a change-over valve to realize the conversion of flow control and differential pressure control. When the flow valve Hebei Tongli dynamic resistance balance valve is used, it can have all the functions of the flow valve, and set the flow directly and simply according to the design. Under the action of water, the valve automatically eliminates the flow deviation caused by the residual head of the pipeline and pressure fluctuation. No matter how the system pressure changes, the set flow can be kept unchanged, effectively solving the problem of hydraulic balance imbalance of the pipe. When the differential pressure valve is used, it supports the user to adjust independently, and keeps the user's inlet and outlet differential pressure constant, which helps to stabilize the system operation. The change-over valve can also be used to adjust the differential pressure. These functions of the dynamic resistance balance valve (differential pressure/flow control valve) make the flow regulation complete at one time, turn the system balance regulation into a simple flow distribution, effectively solve the hydraulic balance imbalance of the pipe, and may save more than 15% of electricity. The chitin content in shrimp and crab shell is 20~30%

the function of dynamic resistance balance valve

the dynamic resistance balance valve has three functions: self operated flow valve function, manual balance valve function, self operated differential pressure valve function, which can realize the different conversion of three operation modes of water pumps to build a humanized chemical plant with high efficiency, energy conservation, green environmental protection and comfortable environment. Self operated flow valve function is used during constant flow operation; The manual balance valve function is used when the heat source is the main variable flow operation; When the user takes the initiative to change the flow, it is converted to the function of self operated differential pressure valve. Avoid frequent replacement of valves to reduce heating costs

performance and characteristics of dynamic resistance balance valve

1 The valve is a double valve disc structure with small unbalanced force and tight structure. Under the action of mechanical force, the degradable material products are prepared by extrusion, molding, blow molding or injection molding with suitable molds

2. It can automatically stabilize the user's differential pressure, absorb external pressure fluctuations, and support the self-regulation of the controlled system

3. A block valve is installed at the front end of the control conduit, which has the function of automatically eliminating blockage

4. Using mixed pressure technology, stepless adjustment, control pressure difference adjustable range

5. Accurate differential pressure calibration and high adjustment accuracy

with the increasing tightening of coal supply at the beginning of the year 6 It adopts external pressure guiding structure, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly

7. The valve port and valve core are all copper

material and service life of dynamic resistance balance valve

1. Valve body: high quality gray cast iron

2. The valve body is fully plastic treated for corrosion prevention

3. Spring: stainless steel

4. Wax: EPDM embedded fiber

5. Valve element: brass

6. Design life: more than 10 years

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