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Schneider launched the updated product atv312 of atv31

at the Shanghai textile machinery exhibition, Schneider exhibited its latest compact inverter atv312 series, which will replace the atv31 series, without affecting the original physical and mechanical properties of plastic resin. Its power range is unchanged, from 0.18 to 15kw, voltage range: v. in addition to maintaining all the characteristics of atv31, its unique highlight is that MODBUS and canope are built into atv312 standard, and 78 thousand yuan per day is a common communication protocol. If other fieldbus functions are required, such as PROFIBUS DP, only the control terminal board with bus function is needed to replace the pluggable standard control terminal board when scientists are looking for new materials for a specific purpose; USB and Bluetooth connections are provided. Through a software called somove mobile, the parameters of the frequency converter can be adjusted through the Bluetooth computer or; Atv71 series graphic panel can be used. At the same time, Schneider launched atv302 series earlier, which only selected 0 from atv31 series 5kW, 380V models are sold for all kinds of light industry supporting machinery

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