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The school and enterprise jointly developed the building plate installation robot successfully

with the support of the national "863" program (subject number: 2007aa04z240), which lasted three years of research, a kind of auxiliary operation robot system for building plate installation was jointly developed by Hebei University of technology and Hebei Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Some achievements have recently passed the construction department. From 2016 to 2017, how to upgrade the international advanced water material testing machine. At present, this achievement is being popularized and applied, and a series of product development is being carried out, with broad prospects for industrialization in the future

this board installation and construction robot system with completely independent intellectual property rights is developed for the installation of large-size and high-quality board drying and hanging process to avoid problems caused by your test results. It can meet the installation requirements of large venues, halls, halls, railway stations, airports and other decorative marble siding, but the target weight is only 138 pounds of glass curtain walls, ceilings and so on. This robot system can be used for plate installation without scaffolding, and can complete a wide range of mobile operations. The maximum bearing capacity of the mobile body is 2000kg. When it is fully loaded, the plane moving speed of the mobile body is 8km/h, the maximum installation height is 5m, the maximum plane size of the operation and installation plate is 1m 1.5m, the maximum weight of the operation and installation plate is more than 70kg, and the installation and positioning accuracy can reach 0.1mm

the robot system consists of a plate auxiliary handling manipulator, a mobile body and a 6-DOF series parallel hybrid structure plate installation and operation manipulator. The installation manipulator is carried on the lifting platform of the mobile car body, so that it has a large working height and moving range. According to the requirements of dry hanging installation process of plate installation, the robot system adopts the plate attitude detection and adjustment control method based on multi-sensor information fusion such as ultrasonic sensor, laser ranging sensor, double axis inclination sensor, structural light vision sensor, etc., which ensures the detection accuracy and improves the reliability of plate installation. The installation of plates can be completed by two operators

with the rapid development of the construction industry, the market of the construction installation and decoration industry is also growing rapidly. The current mainstream process of plate installation adopts the form of dry hanging. During the construction process, it is necessary to build a construction frame and install auxiliary facilities. Finally, the installation is completed manually with the cooperation of many workers. Due to the high quality and large size of decoration plates, and the installation and construction are high-altitude operations, the construction of dry hanging process is more difficult for manual installation. The shortcomings of high labor intensity, poor site safety, slow construction progress and inconsistent construction quality restrict the rapid development of China's construction industry

this type of robotic construction machinery for plate installation can be set on the aerial work platform to meet the needs of various large-scale installation operations, improve the quality and efficiency of plate installation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the safety construction performance, ensure the consistency of construction quality and quality, and greatly save labor costs. According to preliminary estimation, compared with the traditional operation mode, the installation efficiency is increased by more than 30 times. The successful development of c-robot-i panel installation interior decoration robot system fills the gap of domestic interior decoration mechanization and can promote the automation development of the construction industry

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