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Schneider: World Water Day, let's act together

Beijing, China, March 19, 2015. As we all know, water is one of the indispensable material resources for human survival and development. According to statistics, one third of the world's population is facing the problem of lack of fresh water. In addition to the objective reasons for the uneven distribution of water resources, there are also factors such as technical water shortage. The problem of inefficient utilization of water resources has a particularly serious impact on China, which is undergoing industrial restructuring. On March 22, the 23rd World Water Day and the arrival of China Water Week on March, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, will share its rich experience in the water treatment industry to help China and the world truly achieve increasing revenue, reducing expenditure and using water wisely

technical water shortage is the bottleneck

the earth is a water ball, with 70% of its surface covered by water. However, fresh water resources that can be used by people in production and life are not only scarce, but also extremely uneven in regional distribution. At present, about 1.5 billion people are short of fresh water. It is estimated that by 2025, 3billion people in the world will face water shortage, mainly due to the small adjustment range of swing angle and swing speed. With population growth and economic development, many countries, including China, will fall into the dilemma of water shortage. According to the estimates of the scientific community, China's per capita fresh water is one quarter of the world's per capita level. It belongs to a water shortage country. The country has more than 30 cities that account for 95% of the world's total production and marketing. More than 10 billion yuan of economic losses are caused by water shortage every year, and more than 40 billion yuan of economic losses are caused by water pollution

where is the water? In addition to the objective national conditions of more people and less water, the data shows that on the one hand, it is because of the low efficiency of urban water use, and the technical water shortage can not be ignored. In 2009, China's water consumption per 10000 US dollars of GDP reached 1197 cubic meters, 1.7 times the world average, 3 times that of the United States, 7.3 times that of Japan and 12.3 times that of Germany; On the other hand, because the overall level of urban sewage treatment and reuse rate is not high, the overall leakage of urban water supply is serious

Schneider Electric's smart water solutions

World Water Day reminds mankind to raise awareness of caring for water, cherishing water, protecting water and water worries, and promote the development, utilization, protection and management of water resources. Specifically speaking of the water industry, we need to strive to develop advanced technology to improve the utilization rate of water resources

Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, has rich experience in the water treatment industry. Its equipment and technology comprehensively cover the whole process of the water industry. Starting from the water source, Schneider Electric can monitor the water quality while controlling the water intake pump to ensure the safety of water quality; Schneider Electric can help the water plant realize automatic production, power distribution safety and information management in the water plant; In the water transmission and distribution pipes, the water supply optimization scheduling system and leakage management system provided by Schneider Electric can deliver the cleanest tap water to thousands of households in the most efficient and safe management mode, while reducing leakage; The pressure and water quality of secondary water supply directly affect user satisfaction. The control system of secondary water supply pump room provided by Schneider Electric can ensure the best pressure and water quality; Provide lifting pump station control system for drainage pipe management; For the sewage treatment plant, there are sewage plant production control system, sewage plant production management system, sewage quality monitoring system and power distribution system; There is a river water quality monitoring system for sewage discharged back to nature after treatment. Practice has proved that these Schneider Electric solutions can ultimately bring great overall value to users: in the water supply system, improve the management efficiency by at least 30%, reduce leakage every year, and save energy by up to 30%, while ensuring water safety and improving customer service satisfaction; In the sewage and drainage system, improve the management efficiency by at least 30% and save energy by 30% at most. It is literally the same as the metal tensile testing machine, which stops testing the tensile force of the metal to reduce water pollution and improve the flood control scheduling ability; In the water group, improve the management efficiency by at least 30% and save energy by at most 30%, while optimizing the centralized control ability of the water group

the leakage problem can not be ignored

in particular, Schneider Electric has an industry-leading WMS leakage management solution, which is a complete solution for the management of water supply production and sales gap, in the water purification field that has attracted worldwide attention, Its core is WMS leakage management "The software platform monitors, analyzes and makes decisions on the operation status of the whole water from the aspects of data collection, leakage calculation, active leakage control, maintenance management and intelligent decision-making. So far, this solution has had many successful cases in the world, among which Qatar Mohammed water company in the desert of the middle East is one of them. Using Schneider Electric's WMS leakage management solution, the company's production and sales gap is finally reduced from 50% To 20%, and save more than 300 million water charges every year. From 2008 to 2011, 61.7 million tons of leakage will be reduced in four years, which is equivalent to 31 Kunming Lakes (2million cubic meters). At present, Schneider Electric has localized and customized according to the characteristics of Chinese water enterprises, which can help Chinese water enterprises make more efficient use of water resources, reduce leakage and ensure water quality safety

as we all know, water supply safety and emergency management have always been one of the most concerned things of water supply companies, and the water supply optimization scheduling solution provided by Schneider Electric is solving this problem, which is also one of the core technologies of Schneider Electric. Based on the world's only real-time hydraulic model Aquis system, and then integrated with SCADA system and automatic monitoring instruments, it can help water enterprises reasonably arrange water supply production plans, optimize pipe scheduling, improve water enterprise management, realize integrated monitoring and coordinated operation of production, scheduling and management, and realize intelligent scheduling. As early as 2010, Shantou water company in China successfully applied this solution, The dispatching level of the company has been improved, and the water information management of the company has risen to a new level

the growth of modern society, the rapid development of industrial and agricultural production activities and urbanization have had a huge impact on the limited water resources and water environment. World Water Day makes us cherish every drop of water more. Every water user should make efficient use of water resources. Every water enterprise has the obligation to embrace advanced solutions to improve sewage reuse rate or reduce leakage

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