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Since July, large infusion products have been forced to replace natural rubber plugs with butyl rubber plugs

since July 1, the state stipulates that large infusion products such as glucose and sodium chloride will stop using ordinary natural rubber plugs and be replaced by high-quality butyl rubber plugs, so as to be in line with international standards and quality

it is understood that the price of butyl rubber plugs is about 0.3 yuan per plug, while that of natural rubber plugs is 67 cents, with a price gap of 45 times. After years of price war, the price of large infusion has reached the bottom. If the product price remains unchanged after replacing butyl rubber plugs, it will be even worse for enterprises

"our price alliance is ready to take advantage of this opportunity to replace the butyl rubber plug for the infusion product on July 1. Excluding the increased cost of replacing the butyl rubber plug of 0.25 yuan and the room for price decline after running for a period of time, we still have the profit to increase." Sun Caihong, general manager of Jinan Sanjiu Yimin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told me

according to Hebei, the equipment parameters of Beijing Shuanghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Anhui Lu'an Huayuan small spring fatigue testing machine, which accounts for 60% of the domestic infusion market share, were supplemented by the experimental verification of Languang hot adhesive tensile machine. The senior executives of eight giant manufacturing enterprises, such as pharmaceutical and Sichuan Kelun group, met with Shijiazhuang four Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in June to discuss and reach a consensus, collectively adjust the price "Preview", and raise the price again by 30% in July Earlier, Colleen announced that they would increase the infusion products by 0 in two steps 4 yuan, "our adjusted price has not been reflected in the market. Due to the hoarding of old packaging products by dealers, new butyl rubber stopper products have not officially entered the market." The head of the marketing department of Kelun pharmaceutical predicted that the replacement of butyl rubber stopper, a large infusion product, would accelerate mergers and acquisitions among enterprises in the market

she believes that there are three main reasons for this situation. First, replacing butyl rubber plugs is actually equivalent to improving the technical content of the industry. Some smaller enterprises that are unable to replace them have already withdrawn from the market; On the other hand, ESC is different from chemical resistance. On the one hand, the first batch of GMP certification of infusion enterprises began in 2000. According to the national regulation of reviewing every five years, some enterprises that have passed the GMP certification will be reviewed by the end of this year. At that time, a batch of enterprises that cannot successfully pass the review will be forced to close down; So that the product can ensure the safety of medication. Finally, the bottoming out of the price of large infusion products in recent years has led to huge losses for enterprises, which has made a number of enterprises leave the industry

source: Beijing News

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